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How To Be A Single 20-Something With Anxiety

Remy_Loz I’m not unique, I know that. Millions of people have anxiety. Millions of people go to therapy and take medication, as I do. Some people prefer to go down the natural path. Some people are too afraid to say anything...


Legs Do Not Mean Sex

Jinna Yang I don’t like the way the men look at you my father says you should take care wear pants in the city No I reply over our espressos in a shitty gas station coffee shop somewhere between Rethymno and Chania Men need to...


Maybe Love Lives On, Even When Your Relationship Dies

God & Man Right now, I’m listening to an acoustic version of ‘Out Of The Woods‘ by Taylor Swift and it’s gorgeous and beautiful, but melancholy and haunting and it’s making me want to pour myself another glass of...