Lake Bell Is Coming To Fox For ‘Bless This Mess’ Pilot

If you’re already going through New Girl withdrawals, we have good news for you! The creator of the hit comedy already has another show in the works, and Lake Bell is going to be your new Jessica Day – uh, we mean leading lady!

Since pilot season is in full swing at all the networks right now it seems like every day we are getting new TV news, and this casting announcement is already one of our favorites. According to TVLine, Bell has been cast in New Girl creator Liz Meriwether’s upcoming pilot.

Bless This Mess is about a New York City newlywed couple who makes a big move to Nebraska and must figure out their new lives together in a very different type of environment. Bell is set to play one half of the newlywed couple, with her past experiences in the Big Apple not exactly helping her adjust to a “simple life” in Nebraska.

“So this is happening,” Bell tweeted once the casting news was made public.

Bless This Mess is set to start production in June, making it a later pilot than most, but that’s okay, because New Girl still has its final season coming this spring, and there are a lot of other Fox pilots to keep up with in the meantime. Check them out here.

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