Killer Threatens Judge and Her Family in Court ‘Don’t you think I’m gonna find out where you live at?

Brice Rhodes is charged with the murders of 14-year-old Larry Ordway and his brother, 16-year-old Maurice Gordon, repeatedly threatened to track down Judge Amber Wolf and her family in a Louisville, Kentucky, court on Friday.

Rhodes (circled left) was in court on separate charges of attacking and injuring an inmate in August and spitting on another in September. As Wolf was about to read out Rhodes’ charges he interrupted her and said: ‘I’m going to get out.’ She continued to read the charges aloud but she was interrupted by Rhodes again. ‘I don’t care what I’ve been charged with,’ he said. ‘Don’t you think I’m gonna find out where you live at?’ After Rhodes was wheeled out of the court, Wolf said she wanted the county attorney’s office to take into account that he threatened the court.


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