Kelly Clarkson Reveals Why She Decided To Join ‘The Voice’

Kelly Clarkson might’ve been the first winner of American Idol, but next year, she’ll be joining a different competition series: NBC’s The Voice — and she has a really good reason for doing so.

After ABC announced that it was rebooting American Idol, Clarkson told Variety that she entertained the idea of joining the revived series as a judge, but she already had plans to join The Voice for season 14 as a coach, and in the end the NBC singing competition won out for a few reasons.

“We let them come to the table, because it’s my beginnings,” Clarkson told Variety about her last-minute offer from American Idol. Clarkson went on to explain that she decided to decline the offer because she wanted to stay close to her family — among other things.

“For American Idol, you have to travel,” said Clarkson. “And it excites me to do something different. I’m not going to lie: I’m stoked about pushing the red button.”

In addition to being able to push that red button (and spin around in the big red chair), Clarkson is excited to deal with the artists that come through The Voice on a personal level.

“On Idol, you can’t really have a relationship,” the “Love So Soft” singer explained. “And I, as you can tell, love talking and having relationships.”

When she joins the panel of coaches next season, the 35-year-old singer hopes to bring a little bit of her Idol past with her, in the form of a former judge who she learned a lot from.

“I hope I’m a little bit like Simon Cowell,” she revealed. “For the most part, I love his honesty. This is not a nice industry. People think I am going to be super nice all the time. I am nice. But I also want to keep it real.”

We can’t wait to see Clarkson as a coach on The Voice in 2018!

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