Jennifer Lawrence Gets Her Perfect Revenge On Chris Pratt With Help From Jimmy Kimmel


On Monday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jennifer Lawrence finally got even with her Passengers co-star Chris Pratt and it was hilarious.

Throughout the Passengers press tour, Pratt has been posting funny photos of himself and Lawrence, but the Hunger Games alum never seems to really be in the photos. She’s either cropped out, partially covered, or sort of in the background.

While the pictures have made us laugh along the way, Lawrence decided she was over them — in a funny fashion, obviously.

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Jimmy Kimmel brought the pictures up to the sci-fi romance thriller star during his show and then asked her a serious question.

“Are you the kind of person who’s going to take this and just let this sort of thing happen? Or are you going to do something about it?” Kimmel asked.

“I’m going to do something about it!” Lawrence replied getting up from her interview chair and then grabbing a can of spray paint that they conveniently had on hand.

The show’s host then follows Lawrence out to Hollywood Blvd. to see what she’s got up her sleeves. Lawrence calls in a tour bus with Pratt’s face on it and starts to spray all over his face with black paint, and Kimmel of course helps her.

They blur out letters so that the bus reads, “Chris Rat” instead of his full name.

Oh, and Lawrence also decides to put a pretty heart by her face! It’s hilarious and such a great — but not too evil — way to get back at Pratt for his tour shenanigans.

Check out Passengers when it hits theaters on December 21, 2016.

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