Immigrant Arrested After the 19-year-old Daughter of a Senior Official was Found Raped and Murdered

The body of 19 year old medical student and migrant home volunteer Maria Ladenburger was discovered in a river in the town of Freiburg on the 16th of October. An investigation determined the daughter of a senior European Commission lawyer had been raped, and then drowned.


The subsequent investigation into the death of Miss Ladenburger was spurred on, Die Welt reports, by intense public interest in the case and pressure being placed on police to find the rapist. After 68 detectives followed a reported 1,600 leads and interviewed 1,400 potential witnesses the 17-year-old migrant was arrested, as revealed by police in a press conference on Saturday.

Police are now trying to establish if he may also be responsible for the death of another girl, identified only as Carolin G 27, was raped and murdered at the beginning of November while jogging in Endinge, just 18 miles away from Freiburg.

There was no DNA evidence at that crime scene for detectives to work with. The news comes ahead of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU conservative party conference in which she sets out her claim to a fourth term in office next year, against a rising tide of anger at her open-door refugee policy.



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