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How To Defeat High Level Pokemon!

Most Pokemon Go players think that a high CP is the only way to defeat the high level Pokemon defending their local gym. But, there’s an easier (and better) way to do it. All you have to do is learn how and when to DODGE.

Unlike traditional pokemon games, combat is not turn-based, so most people are sticking their most powerful pokemon in and tapping the screen like crazy. What you haven’t tried yet is the swipe-to-dodge feature. It really turns the

advantage in combat away from the high-CP pokemon and gives a huge advantage to the attacker.

To dodge an attack, swipe left or right on the screen, and your pokemon will hop out of the way of the attack – but only if you time it right. And the best part is, there is a built-in warning system that gives you a heads-up when you should dodge an attack.

The normal combat screen looks like this:



there is a moment right before your

opponent’s attack when the screen flashes yellow around the edges that looks like this:


This is when you should dodge, as it tells you that your opponent is about to attack. Since gym defenders are controlled by AI and not by a human trainer, and because they lack the ability to dodge, you can easily defeat a pokemon that is much stronger than yours if you time your dodges right.

And don’t forget: practice, practice, practice!