Here’s What You Need To Know About ‘Once Upon A Time’ Newcomer Andrew J. West AKA Adult Henry


Once Upon A Time is starting fresh next season as fans will be introduced to a whole new Henry Mills.

Fans first saw the adult version of Henry in the final moments of Sunday’s season 6 finale. The closing scene — which found Henry opening the door to his apartment to discover a young girl standing there claiming to be his long lost daughter and telling him he’s got to save his family before it’s too late — set the stage for what’s to come, as Henry’s storyline will take center stage when the series returns. While Jared Gilmore portrayed Henry throughout the past 6 season of OUAT, now, actor Andrew J. West will be taking over the role.

While West may be new to Storybrooke, the actor is no stranger to television. In fact, we’re betting you’ve definitely seen him pop up amidst some of your other favorite shows in the past.

Check out three roles you might recognize Andrew J. West from below.

Fisher on Greek
Fans of Greek will undoubtedly remember West for his recurring role on the hit ABC Family drama where he played a former ZBZ hasher who dated Ashleigh. Their relationship was rocky at best, and ultimately ended with Ashleigh dumping Fisher.

Gareth on The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead has had its fare share of unforgettable villains, but it’s safe to say West’s portrayal of Terminus leader Gareth is up there amongst the most memorable. In fact, there’s a scene involving Gareth and Bob’s leg that we’d be hard pressed to forget no matter how hard we try. On the show, Gareth was portrayed as an intelligent man who’d lost all faith that there might be some good left in the world after the apocalypse hit. While his eventual demise at the hands of Rick was well merited, we can’t deny we enjoyed seeing what he threw at our favorite survivors during seasons 4 and 5.

Pete Blackwell on Under the Dome
As a construction worker with a mysterious past on Under the Dome, West’s first appearance on the CBS drama involved saving a young girl trapped in a burning tent. Those who tuned in, however, will probably best remember Pete as the man who ended up butting heads with Junior over the construction on the dorms. Things eventually reached a head when Pete had a fatal confrontation with Barbie that ultimately resulted in his demise.

We can’t be the only ones looking forward to seeing what Andrew J. West does with the role of Henry on Once Upon A Time — especially now that we’ve revisited some of his most memorable roles on television!

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