Here’s What Larry Tudgeman From Lizzie McGuire Looks Like Today


Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda may have been best friend goals on Lizzie McGuire, but it’s safe to say their time at Hillridge Junior High wouldn’t have been the same without the company of some of their most memorable classmates.

While it was always fun to check in on Lizzie’s pal, Ethan Craft, and her friend-turned-foe, Kate Sanders, we can’t deny that it was equally fun whenever Hillridge’s resident nerd, Larry Tudgeman showed up.

Larry might not have been the most popular guy in school, but one of the best things about him was his self-esteem never wavered regardless of who was making fun of him. We gotta give it up for a guy who’s so comfortable in himself that he doesn’t care what others think!

And while sometimes Larry’s superiority can be a bit much, we think Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda would agree that Hillridge Junior High just wouldn’t be the same without him!

Since bringing Larry to life on Lizzie McGuire, actor Kyle Downes has been lucky enough to land a few guest starring roles on some of our other favorite series including Life As We Know It, CSI: Miami, and The L Word. The actor has even taken part in a few short films, including one called Dice, which he wrote and appeared in.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Kyle Downes has any projects coming up, but here’s hoping he lets us in on what he’s up to soon!

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