Here’s Exactly Why ‘Friends’ Could Never Work Today, According To Jennifer Aniston


Have you ever wondered what Friends would be like if it was currently on air? Well, Jennifer Aniston has and her thoughts make total sense.

During the first episode of Arianna Huffington’s new Thrive Global Podcast (via EW), Aniston was the featured guest. The two ladies talked about technology and of course Friends.

So how would Friends be different if it was set in modern times — aka not the ‘90s — well, texting would most likely be a BIG thing.

“We were jokingly saying that if Friends was created today, you would have a coffee shop full of people that were just staring into iPhones,” Aniston told Huffington. “There would be no actual episodes or conversations.”

Could you imagine all of the friends sitting at Central Perk texting one another their different jokes? Ross would definitely be all about sending dinosaur emojis, or a lobster emoji to Rachel, because as well all know, he’s her lobster!

Chandler on the other hand would be the guy Snapchatting his jokes to everyone in his phone book. The good news is he could’ve totally blocked Janice’s calls instead of the random run-ins they always had.

We could also see Joey being on Bumble or some sort of dating app with his bio reading, “How you doin?” Oh, and the ladies would also be in on the social media scene and most likely in a group text, which would be awesome!

What do you think your six favorite characters would do in a cell-phone driven world?

(H/T EW)

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