Here’s A Sneak Peek At The Midseason Return Of ‘Once Upon A Time’


Can you believe it’s been almost three months since we last saw the characters of Once Upon a Time? The midseason finale aired back in December, and now luckily, we have the first look at what’s to come when the show returns this Sunday.

For a little refresher, a LOT of things happened during that cliffhanger episode in the middle of season 6. One of the biggest things is that Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) and Regina (Lana Parrilla) both got trapped in an alternative world where Emma forgot who she was.

After a lot of hard work, Regina managed to remind Emma that she’s the Savior, but the two missed the portal back to Storybrooke when Regina saw Robin Hood (Sean Maguire). Darn love, always getting in the way.

Meanwhile in Storybrooke, the portal opened up at Granny’s and when the Evil Queen (she’s alive again remember?) asks what a mysterious hooded figure wants, she’s trapped in a Cobra cage… and turned into one.

The biggest surprise was when the hooded figure (the one who is destined to kill Emma) and turned the Evil Queen into a snake, went to Gold’s shop.

“Hello mother. Hello father,” he says revealing that the figure is Gideon (Giles Matthey)! Gideon aka Henry’s uncle is destined to kill Emma aka Henry’s mom!

Now that you’re all caught up let’s talk about he new teaser photos from the Sunday’s return episode, “Tougher Than the Rest.”

Emma still looks gorgeous in her white winter coat, as she and Regina try and find another way home.

Another photo shows that August (or Pinnochio) is back, at least in the alternate world, and he’s making puppets!

In Storybrooke the photos show that everyone is shocked by Gideon’s arrival including Henry (Jared Gilmore), Belle (Emilie de Ravin) and Rumple (Robert Carlyle). Plus, we get another look at the new evil under the hood and we’re not happy about it.

Once Upon a Time returns on March 5 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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