Golfer Goes All Happy Gilmore Hits One Of The Worst/Best Shots In Major History


— PGA of America (@PGA) August 12, 2017

Thanks to TrackMan we see that Pampling’s shot had an apex of 13 feet. Yes, 13 feet. Had Pampling not rushed, his team would have had to get up around 5 a.m. to come back to the course, warm up, and play one measly, meaningless hole since they were out of it anyways.

Pampling had this to say about his bizarre shot, “It was the best thing I did all day.”

Happy to help the boys, they high five when they caught up.🤛

— Rod Pampling (@RodPampling) August 12, 2017

Other players were playing speed golf and sprinted to finish their holes. There should be a clock at all holes to make golfers put a little hustle behind that muscle.

Chasing Day-light 🏃💨😂

— PGA of America (@PGA) August 12, 2017


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