‘Gilmore Girls’ Event Set To Reunite Some Stars

You might’ve watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, but there’s nothing quite like actually living a day (or three) in the life of a Gilmore girl!

While there is no word on whether or not the cast of Gilmore Girls will reunite once again to create more stories for TV, that doesn’t mean they aren’t reuniting at all. In fact, thanks to year two of The Gilmore Girls Fan Fest (which was created in 2016 by two super fans), some of the cast is getting back together this month — and fans can witness it all.

Although Stars Hollow, Connecticut is technically a fictional town created on a studio lot, Kent, Connecticut is real, and it’s the home of the second Gilmore Girls Fan Fest, which goes for three days beginning October 20, 2017 (through October 22). The best part is that in addition to living like a Gilmore (fast talking is highly recommended) there are going to be guest appearances by numerous cast members including Lane (aka Keiko Agena) and her rocker husband Zack (Todd Lowe).

Throughout this magical weekend, you can walk the streets of a town that is basically Stars Hollow complete with a Town Hall, bakery, dance studio and gazebo. Sound familiar? Events like a cake tasting (we’re getting throwback vibes to Lorelai cake tasting for her wedding to Luke here), an intro to “Stress Tap Dancing” (at Starr’s Dance Studio of course, and screenings of some of your favorite episodes will take place, to name just a few of the many planned activities.

We know it’s not an official reunion, but anything having to do with Gilmore Girls is good with us!

For more information on The Gilmore Girls Fan Fest click here.

(H/T Entertainment Weekly)

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