For First Time In 99 Years A Solar Eclipse Will Cross The U.S. – How And Where To Watch!

So what exactly is a total solar eclipse? That’s when the moon aligns perfectly to completely block the sun and cast a gigantic shadow on Earth. Because the orbits of the moon, Earth, and sun are not perfect circles, are tilted, and elongated, total eclipses are not in the same location every time. A lot of total eclipses can happen in a remote location on the planet or at sea. Sometimes the moon is too far away and doesn’t block out the sun completely, that causes a “ring of fire” around the moon and is known as an annular eclipse.

For a few minutes in August, day will turn to night and stars and planets may become visible in the sky. The temperature will drop noticeably and nature may go silent as animals are freaked out by the abrupt darkness.

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