Flashback! Jennifer Aniston’s Reaction To Winning Her First-Ever Solo PCA In 2001 Will Make You Love Her Even More


When it comes to A-List celebrities, there’s no denying that Jennifer Aniston is among one of our all-time favorites.

The actress stole our hearts with her iconic Friends role as Rachel Green and it’s safe to say we’ve never looked back.

In the spirit of reminiscing, we scoured the People’s Choice Awards archives and dug up a clip of the first time Aniston took home was voted Favorite Female Television Performer back in 2001. Not surprisingly, the actress delivered a speech that was both memorable and heartfelt.

“I don’t have any of these, and my gosh. From the people, what could be more special?,” says Aniston right off the bat. “I just feel so lucky to have this job and go to work every day, and just be really silly, and laugh a lot.”

As she continues her speech, Aniston also takes a moment to thank her fellow Friends cast members, adorably announcing that she shares the win with all of them.


Despite her countless accolades, it’s clear winning an award voted on by the fans means the world to Aniston. The actress won Favorite Female Television Performer again in 2002, and her acceptance speech was just as heartfelt as it was the year before.


As fun as it was to take a walk down memory lane, we’re even more excited to see what Jennifer Aniston does next! Here’s hoping we get a few more memorable moments with the actress at next year’s People’s Choice Awards!

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