Father Sets His 3-Year-Old Daughter on FIRE for Being “Too Beautiful”

A father in Perth, Australia committed an unspeakable act against his three-year-old daughter, and his reasoning was even more bizarre.

44-year-old Edward John Herbert, an avid drug user, told his neighbor what he’d done to his daughter, and said it was because she was “too beautiful”. He also doused her seven-year-old and autistic sister in gasoline.

He’s now on trial for the incident which took place in August of 2015.

He admitted that he intended to kill the infant, but pleaded not guilty to five charges because he had/has an “unsound mind”.

His neighbor, Constable Stephanie Bochorsky, was watching TV when she heard “an altercation” between Mr. Herbert and his female partner.

When she asked the woman if she was okay, she replied, “No! He’s setting the kids on fire!”

That’s when the neighbor ran into the home and immediately smelled the gasoline.

“Her whole head was on fire,” the constable said in court with tears streaming down her face.

She then covered the victim in a blanket to put out the flames. As she did, she witnessed Herbert pouring gas onto his other daughter as she lay in bed..

She yelled for him to get away from the kids, but he ignored her completely.

Her first priority, she says, was to get the flames out.

She then dragged the older victim out of her bed and ran out of the house.

The three-year-old has burns to 13% of her body and will be permanently scarred from the harrowing ordeal.

Herbert was a marijuana user and drinker,and his partner says he was acting strange right before the incident; his mood was changing between happiness and anger.

She said in court that he was talking to himself and that she was scared.

At one point, she says, he told her, “The werewolf is coming at 12 o’clock.”

He decided to kill the kids instead, she says he later told her.

The trial is ongoing.


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