Everyone Is Sharing Their Worst Roommate Horror Stories And You’ll Never Open The Door Again

If you’ve lived through college, you’ve probably had at least one awful, terrible roommate. New York Magazine recently published a story about a man who was many people’s worst roommate, named Jamison Bachman. Bachman would move in with people and eventually drive them from their own homes, threatening them with legal action and violence. The story has left many people shook:

Journalist Gene Demby shared his own worst roommate story in honor of Bachman’s lunacy, and asked people to share theirs:

They sure had a lot of them! And it honestly makes me never want to trust anyone in my home ever again, but enjoy the vicarious cringing:

But as Demby points out, sometimes it turns out that the worst roommate is actually YOU.

Please, do the dishes and keep the tarantulas in your bedroom.

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