Elijah Wood Says The Internet’s Obsession With His Resemblance To Daniel Radcliffe ‘Just Keeps Going’


There’s no denying there’s an uncanny resemblance between Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe and Lord of the Rings alum Elijah Wood. The internet has certainly taken note and you can rest assured Wood has as well!

The Dirk Gently star recently stopped by Conan where he and O’Brien got on the topic of just how close the resemblance is between the two stars. To drive the point home, O’Brien even shared a popular GIF of Wood and Radcliffe transforming into each other.

“That is so bizarre,” said Wood of the GIF. “It’s an eyebrow raise

“It’s so subtle that it’s creepy,” commented Conan. “It just looks like it’s you raising and lowering your eyebrows.”

According to Wood, he said he thought that people would have gotten over his shared resemblance to the Potter alum years ago but it just hasn’t happened.

“After a while, you think, it hits the internet, and it becomes a thing, and people talk about it for a while, and you think, ‘Ok, we get it. the joke is over and it will die,’” explained Wood. “But it just has long legs and it just keeps going.”

As irritating as it might be to get mistaken for someone else, we’re glad to see that Elijah Wood clearly has a good sense of humor about the whole thing!

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