Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Is Open To Running For President, And Fans Are Already Lining Up To Vote For Him


He’s already conquered Hollywood; could the White House be next for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

Once the champion of the people during his time in the WWE, the slow, steady support for Dwayne Johnson to run for President has grown in recent months. Earlier this week at the Democratic National Convention, fans carried signs supporting a potential Rock presidential run, and Hollywood’s busiest hero took notice even going as far as posting a screen shot along with the hashtag #PresidentRock.


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Despite his lack of political experience, Johnson doesn’t take the support lightly. Back in March, The Rock tweeted out a story that covered why the actor should run for president. Johnson didn’t dismiss the notion saying that “maybe one day” he could potentially run. The Fast 8 star echoed the same sentiment in a recent Instagram post.


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“Im grateful how this idea has become very real to a lot of people,” The Rock captioned the photo. “Years from now if I feel I can step up and become a strong, impactful and authentic leader for the people and our country – I will. Until then let’s get back to work.”

Not surprisingly, many fans on social media seem to find the idea encouraging, even tweeting out their support for the popular actor.

.@TheRock maybe think about it? pic.twitter.com/2YuxOh8xiH

— Colin Jost (@ColinJost) July 25, 2016

TheRock For President!
The best choice👏👏👏#supporte #DwayneJohnson @TheRock pic.twitter.com/uAnBcxFO3q

— JULIANE F JONES (@julianejjones) July 26, 2016

I would vote for @TheRock for president. Straight up. I think he’s a really good, smart dude. I would totally do it. I hope he runs someday.

— Jonathan Young (@jonathanyoung97) July 27, 2016

yes. @TheRock totally needs to be America’s president. That’s the best idea yet in 2016.

— Holli (@Holli1012B) July 27, 2016

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What do you think? Do you believe Dwayne Johnson would make a good President of the United States?

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