Denver Sheriff’s Department Fined by the Department of Justice for Not Hiring Non-Citizens!


The Denver Sheriff’s Department was fined by the Department of Justice for not allowing non-citizens (different from illegal immigrants) to apply for employment. According to the Department of Justice’s statement, the Denver Sheriff’s Department was fined “for violating provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act,” which states that employers must make certain employment available to legal, resident aliens, just like regular U.S. citizens, unless they’ve applied for a waiver from the federal government and received it.

The sheriff’s office had hired around 200 new deputies in 2015 and 2016 and, against the rules, made citizenship (as opposed to legal permanent residence) a job requirement.

The Denver Sheriff’s Office had to pay a fine of $10,000 and will have to go through old applications and determine which were rejected because they were from non-citizens, then consider those applicants for future job openings.


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