Darren Criss Had The Sweetest ‘Glee’ Reunion At The ‘Sully’ Premiere


Darren Criss had a mini Glee reunion earlier this week, and the result is bound to make you very happy.

The former Warbler hit the Big Apple for the premiere of director Clint Eastwood’s new drama, Sully, on Tuesday (Sept. 6), where he ran into fellow Glee alums Mike O’Malley and Max Adler.

O’Malley and Adler played Burt Hummel and Dave Karofsky on the hit musical comedy, both of whom had prominent storylines with Criss’ Blaine Anderson, so it was nice to see this particular crop of Glee co-stars reunite.

Adler took to Twitter after the trio met up to share a cute photo of the mini reunion.

@GLEEonFOX reunion at the @SullyMovie Premiere in NY! With @TheMikeOMalley & @DarrenCriss pic.twitter.com/GTAMGoSjYV

— Max Adler (@Mr_Max_Adler) September 7, 2016

“@GLEEonFOX reunion at the @SullyMovie Premiere in NY! With @TheMikeOMalley & @DarrenCriss,” wrote the Adler.

Criss chimed in later with a retweet of Adler’s photo, proudly adding that he spotted four Glee alums amidst the Sully cast.

Yes! What a great group! Little @SullyMovie factoid: I saw four @GLEEonFOX alums in it. Count ’em. FOUR. Pretty rad. https://t.co/IV0HaKbRlU

— Darren Criss (@DarrenCriss) September 7, 2016

“What a great group! Little @SullyMovie factiod: I saw four @GleeonFOX alums in it. Count ‘em. FOUR. Pretty rad,” wrote the actor.

Both O’Malley and Adler are featured in Sully, which tells the story of Chesley Sullenberger (played by Tom Hanks), the pilot who saved an airplane flight’s 155 crew and passengers by successfully gliding his plane along the Hudson River in 2009. The other two Glee alumns featured in the film are Valerie Mahaffey who played Rose Pillsbury, and Christopher Curry who played Gunther.

We’re glad to see Criss, Adler, and O’Malley were able to find the time to meet up during the premiere, and we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for Adler and O’Malley when we head out to see Sully!

Sully premieres in theaters on Sept. 9.

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