Daniel Radcliffe Is Just As Obsessed With The ‘Stranger Things’ Kids As The Rest Of Us


These days, it seems as though everyone has caught Stranger Things fever and celebrities are no exception!

There’s no denying the kids of Netflix’s newest hit have their fair share of celebrity fans, and now they can add Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe to their long list of adoring fans!

Radcliffe recently swung by the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show on Wednesday (Sept. 22) and absolutely flipped when host Nick Grimshaw revealed that Millie Bobby Brown, Gatten Matarazzo and Caleb McLaughlin of Stranger Things were Thursday morning’s guests.

“Ok, can you, like, Just tell them that I think they’re amazing and also just say, like, that as a person who started out acting really young, how are they so good?” said Radcliffe on the show according to EW. “I wasn’t that good when I was a kid. Have the decency to be less good at acting, please, when you’re so young.”

As it turns out, the Stranger Things kids were just as excited about Radcliffe’s message as Radcliffe was about them in general.

“He says, ‘I wasn’t that good when I was younger,’— he was Harry Potter,” said Brown in response to Radcliffe’s comments on his own acting as a kid. “Let’s just review…I think he was doing pretty fine.”

Sounds like there’s a lot of mutual love to be had between Daniel Radcliffe and the Stranger Things cast— here’s hoping they get to meet face to face soon!

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