Connecticut Teacher Sent Students Thong Photos and Threatened One With a Mafia Hit to Keep Him Quiet

A teacher and mother-of-two has been handed a three-year sentence after pleading guilty to sexual misconduct and more.

39-year-old Allison Marchese entered her plea in November in connection with sexual relationships she had with two students when she was working at Daniel Hand High School as an English teacher.

She made it using the Alford plea, which doesn’t admit any guilt, but essentially admits the prosecution has enough evidence to convict her if the case went to trial.

It allows citizens to enter a guilty plea while still maintaining their innocence.

She was also sentenced to five years on probation and a protective order demanding she have no contact with any of the victims for 10 years.

She was placed on the sex offender registry list for 10 years and ordered to undergo sex offender treatment.

She was initially charged with second-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor. She faced up to 20 years before her plea lowered the charges to two counts of first-degree unlawful restraint, two counts of second-degree reckless endangerment, one count of second-degree harassment, and one count of second-degree threatening.

It all came to light after it was determined she’d sent inappropriate texts , as well as selfies of herself wearing just a thong and bra.

Those messages, primarily sent via Instagram, included sexual references.

She also performed oral sex on a then-17-year-old student, who was one of the two receiving the illicit messages.

That student told cops that Marchese had told him to go to her classroom.

The boy claims that she then locked the door and closed the blinds before performing oral sex on him.

When he tried to break off the relationship after the 2014 summer break, she wasn’t having it.

He then says he told her he’d keep his mouth shut for $200. She then countered, claiming her dad had Mafia ties that would make sure he “never played football again” if he said a word.

The second victim was just 14 when the duo hooked up.

He told authorities that she’d texted him to tell him that she couldn’t concentrate on teaching because of how attractive he was. She further told him that she had trouble sleeping at night because of thinking about him.

Her husband Robert also worked in the English department at the school.

Robert Marchese told cops during the investigation that his wife had become “obsessed with social media and working out.”

He claims she also confessed to the relationship, had messaged him in “sexually explicit ways,” and had performed oral sex on the older of the two students.

The two are now divorced.


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