Class Act Ryan Reynolds Personally Paid To Keep ‘Deadpool’ Writers On Set


Turns out the Merc With A Mouth has a generous side.

Anyone who’s ever seen a Ryan Reynolds interview or follows the actor on social media already knows the actor possesses a seemingly endless amount of charm. But it’s his recently revealed actions on the set of the immensely successful film Deadpool that should really be applauded.

During the latest episode of AMC’s Geeking Out, Deadpool screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick shared an interesting behind-the-scenes anecdote involving Reynolds. After discovering Fox wouldn’t pay for Reese and Wernick to be on set during the shoot, the actor took money out of his own pocket to make sure the creative duo were on hand during the filming of the blockbuster superhero movie.

“We were on set every day. Interestingly, Ryan wanted us there. We were on the project for six years. It was really a core creative team of us, Ryan, and the director Tim Miller. Fox, interestingly, wouldn’t pay for us to be on set. Ryan Reynolds paid out of his own money, out of his own pocket,” the writers said on Geeking Out, according to Yahoo Movies!.

A little bit of extra green helped transform the film into cinematic gold as Deadpool grossed over $782 million on its way to becoming the most successful R-rated film in box office history.

(H/T Yahoo Movies!)

Deadpool 2 is scheduled for a January 12, 2018 release.

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