Chad Michael Murray Channeled His ‘A Cinderella Story’ Character To Crash A High School Prom

Chad Michael Murray just proved that he’s still got what it takes to be the prince charming of our dreams.

The actor recently swung by his alma mater to attend prom and it’s clear he knows how to make an entrance. Everyone knows prom is all about the outfit, and we’re betting fans of A Cinderella Story will agree that Murray was perfectly dressed!

Murray took to his Facebook to let fans in on the fact that he had called in a favor at Warner Bros and asked them to track down the very prince charming outfit he wore when he starred opposite Hilary Duff in the 2004 rom-com.

“Thank you so much to Warner Bros., for digging into the vault and finding what I’m wearing currently,” said Murray in the video before showing off the outfit. “Austin Ames is going to prom.”

It’s been over a decade since Murray played Duff’s swoon-worthy love interest, Austin Ames, in the adorable film about an unpopular girl who falls in love with the coolest guy in school after they connect online. Despite all the time that has passed, however, there’s no denying Murray can still totally rock the look!

“And guys, I just gotta say, it still fits 16 years later,” joked Murray of his outfit of choice!”

Check out the adorable video of Murray going to prom as Austin Ames above!

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