California’s Lake Oroville Auxiliary Spillway Expected To Fail. Mandatory Evacuations Are Now In Affect

The Spillway, not the Damn has suffered major Damage due to unexpected erosion. The flows have currently been halted. That is all the info I have read so far.

Action News Now

Update: The Oroville Dam Spillway has suffered major damage Tuesday.

The Department of Water Resources said the spillway suffered major “erosion damage.” Witnesses on scene chunks of concrete were seen flying off the spillway path, just after dam operators increased flows from Lake Oroville into the spillway to 70,000 cubic feet per second.

DWR stopped short of saying the increased release caused the erosion to the spillway, but crews are currently on scene investigating the damage.

The most recent release of water from the Oroville Dam Spillway into the Feather River caused some unexpected damage and had to be stopped.

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