California Man Who Punched a Baby to Death Will Face NO CHARGES!


A Fresno, California man just walked free after admitting to authorities that he lost control and beat a 14-month-old baby to death.

Kenneth Johnson was arrested by detectives for murder in the death of Jose Luis Espinoza. But the District Attorney’s Office decided not to charge him on Thursday.


The DA’s office needed further exama by the Coroner’s Office because a prior autopsy had shown internal trauma, but doctors couldn’t see any visible injuries.

Mr. Johnson’s girlfriend had been babysitting the infant at the time. Authorities say the woman had filed a restraining order against him earlier this year, but the baby’s mother says she didn’t know Johnson’s history.

Cops say that they’re confident Johnson is guilty, as does the baby’s mother, but the DA’s office has the final say.

The Fresno Police Department says their detectives haven’t been asked to submit more evidence.


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