BUSTED! Husband Catches Wife Cheating, Posts Live Updates on Reddit for Our Enjoyment

A husband who realized that his wife was cheating on him after reading a number of texts on her cellphone decided to cope with the bad news in an extremely public manner.

He created what would appear to be a new Reddit account dedicated to this issue — MyLifeSuxNow — and shared his discovery, and subsequent actions, on the social networking site.

According to Fox on Reddit’s Ashley Dvorkin, the user found some “racy texts and explicit photos” on his wife’s phone in a text conversation involving someone named “Zack.”

The user’s posts to the TIFU thread (“Today I F***** Up”) on Reddit indicated that he and his wife, Jenny, had gotten married right out of college eight years earlier.

He also wrote that they’d had no major arguments or separations that he could see contributing to her infidelity.

All weekend, according to Fox, the distraught husband posted “minute by minute details” as they unfolded, including his hiring of a private investigator to follow the unfaithful wife.

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