Bill Murray Launches Flashy Bell-Bottomed Golf Pants That Are Of Course Called ‘Bill-Bottoms’

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One of the first eccentric prints on Bill-Bottoms is called “Lucy the Caboosey,” which features orange-yellow peonies and blueprints of train cabooses. The pattern was inspired by Murray’s mother Lucille and her favorite flower.

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Here’s another brash pair of paints that were inspired by Murray’s Kingpin character Ernie McCracken AKA “Big Ern,” who was stuck in the 70s.

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Then there are these splashy Bill-Bottoms that look like a box of crayons melted on them.

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Bill-Bottoms aren’t technically for sale just yet. Instead, they are currently being crowd-funding to gauge interest in the unusual throwback style from the 1960s and 1970s and pants start at $100. “William Murray Golf wants to sell as much golf stuff as they can, but for ideas [like bell-bottoms] that are a little more out there, more experimental, the cost to perform that experiment is profound,” Chris Lindland, founder and CEO of Betabran told Adweek. “By performing this test on Betabrand, where the crowdfunding mechanism will give them confidence, they can make more.”

The bell bottoms didn’t help the Caddyshack star win at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Murray lost the opening 3M Celebrity Challenge to a team that was headed by Clint Eastwood. Murray has been a fashion icon on the golf course for years now. Who could forget his PBR pants he wore back in 2014?

Bill Murray is in Jacksonville hanging out with .@FCNLindsey and he’s wearing PBR pants.

— Travis Gibson (@TravisDgibson) March 27, 2014

John Daly had better beware, Bill Murray is bringing an even more flamboyant golf gear game.


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