An Oklahoma Couple Are Arrested After Their Twin Babies Are Found in the “Worst Case of Child Abuse” Nurses Say They’ve Seen


An Oklahoma couple have been arrested for child abuse after two babies were found in what nurses called “the worst case of child abuse they had seen.”

25-year-old Kevin Fowler and 2-year-old Aislyn Miller were taken into custody after cops responded to an urgent care facility last Friday evening.

The tiny infants looked like skeletons from malnourishment, had bed sores, and severe diaper rash.

A nurse told cops through tears that she’d even seen a maggot crawl out of one of the victim’s genitals. Feces was found in the ear of one of the young victim’s as well.

The couple were arrested the the next day.

Ms. Miller said she knew there were “issues” with the infants’ conditions, but that she and Mr. Fowler were “new parents,” and had no experience caring for babies.

She also told them that the babies had been born premature. The couple didn’t have health insurance, and didn’t know how to find healthcare they could afford, she said.

Both are being held on a $100,000 bond.


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