Aftermath of ISIS Suicide Bomber Attack on Catedral in Cairo

Many of the wounded are women and children. This attack is referred to as the deadliest attacks against minorities in Egypt in recent years.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack. Only, ISIS through social media they looked was celebrating an attack.

“God bless the person who did this blessed act,” wrote one of the supporters of the militant group in the Telegram.

The bomb exploded in the main hall of the Cathedral of St. Mark. Usually known security is relatively tight in the cathedral.

Post-blast, the chapel floor and pews covered in rubble of collapsed buildings. Besides dust and blood had seemed mixed.

“So imam called us to prepare for prayer, the explosion happened,” said a witness who was in the church when the blast occurred, Emad Shoukry.

“The explosion shook the place … Dust covered the hallway and I look for the door, even though I can not see anything … I managed to leave the area amid screams and bodies were lying,” he said

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