ABC Reveals Why ‘Once Upon A Time’ Is Moving To Fridays

As previously reported, Once Upon a Time’s new Friday night home is just one of many changes ahead for the series — which bid farewell to a number of key cast members with its sixth season finale, and will be rebooting ahead of its fall debut with a new (well, technically old) character taking center stage. According to Dungey, there’s crossover between O.U.A.T and S.H.I.E.L.D fans, which is why the series are being paired together.

“When we were looking at the schedule, it’s interesting how much pressure we’ve had from fans to put those shows closer together on the schedule for quite some time,” Dungey continued. “We like the idea of Fridays being a destination. Once Upon a Time has done a wonderful job on Sundays of keeping the lights on against football, but we’re looking to see how it will perform when it’s away from football for awhile.”

(H/T Entertainment Weekly)

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