A Baby Girl Starved to Death After Her Parents Died from Heroin Overdoses Within Minutes of Each Other

A baby just five months old died in Pennsylvania. She died of starvation after being left alone for days when her parents died from heroin overdoses within minutes of each other.

27-year-old Jason Chambers and his girlfriend, 19-year-old Chelsea Cardaro, along with the tiny infant, Summer, were all found dead in their home on Thursday.

The couple had been dead for about a week, according to the coroner. He says that autopsies confirmed that the baby died several days later from dehydration and starvation.

Mr. Chambers was found in a living room on the 1st floor of the home, while Ms. Cardaro was found in a 2nd-floor bathroom. The baby was found lifeless in a bassinet in a 2nd-floor bedroom.

It’s believed that the couple died within minutes of each other, negating either of them calling for help.

Although overdoses haven’t been confirmed as the couple’s causes of death, there was lots of evidence pointing to drugs as the culprit found at the scene.

There was a history of drug abuse at the home, according to District Attorney Kelly Callihan.

Mr.Chambers had been treated by first responders just a month ago. He was revived with Narcan at that time.

The couple was then reported to the Children and Youth Services.

Incredulously, the couple’s abode was deemed “appropriate to a child living there,” because there was “plenty of food, and the child seemed well taken care of.”


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