A 70-Year-Old Masseuse is Busted for Offering to Give an Undercover Cop “a Helping Hand” for an Additional $60

An unlicensed Florida masseuse has caused a massage parlor to be one employee short after an undercover vice sting collared her for allegedly offering to use her hand to “masturbate the detective” for an additional $60.

70-year-old Sun Hee Gribat was arrested on January 13th at Jax Therapy in Jacksonville when cops started looking into the business following reports that female employees performed sex acts on their customers.

An undercover detective paid Ms. Gribat $70 for a 30-minute rubdown. During the massage, the cops say, she “offered to masturbate the detective for additional $60.00.”

She was taken into custody for prostitution, as well as for unlicensed practice of a health care profession.

She was released after spending a day in jail when she posted her bond.

She’d been arrested in 2014 on a prostitution charge as well. 67 at the time, she was working at another massage parlor when she’d offered to help out another undercover cop in the same manner. She was given a one-year deferred prosecution sentence after taking a plea deal in that case.


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