78-Year-Old Man Moons a 29-Year-Old Woman When She Rejects His Advances


A Texas man dropped his pants and mooned a hottie he was trying to pick up.

78-year-old Robert Scott approached the unnamed 29-year-old woman last Saturday afternoon outside a hotel in Louisiana.

“You look like a model, we should go out. I can treat you real well,” he told the object of his desires.

“No thank you, I have a boyfriend,” she replied.

The woman, who was reportedly attending a class for aspiring models at the hotel, was then the recipient of a “sugar daddy” offer. He then turned it sexual.

She finally told him, “Please get out of my face.”

He didn’t handle it too well. He’s alleged to have then dropped his pants and underwear to the ground, and mooned the victim.

“Okay, I’ll get out of your face,” he said.

The police report says he exposed “his anus, buttocks, and part of his genitals” to the victim.

He was arrested outside of the hotel and booked into jail on $5000 bond.

He was released due to overcrowding.

It is unclear why he was in Louisiana to begin with, or if he was even a guest at the hotel.


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