6 Fun Facts About People’s Choice Awards 2017 Host Joel McHale


People’s Choice Awards 2017 is just around the corner and one of the things we’re most excited for is to see Joel McHale to take the stage as this year’s host!

Audiences all over the world have fallen in love with McHale’s brand of comedy thanks to shows like The Great Indoors, Community, and E!’s The Soup. Because of that, we’ve got a feeling he’ll have us all in stitches before the night is through!

Interested in getting to know Joel McHale a bit more before the show? We’ve rounded up a list of fun facts about the comedic actor for you to sink your teeth into before you tune in to watch him take the stage at People’s Choice Awards 2017. Check them out below!

1. He’s got a masters degree.
McHale may have played a lawyer forced to go back to college in Community, but in real life, he’s quite the scholar. According to ESPN, the comedian studied theater in graduate school up in Washington state and earned his masters degree before moving down to Los Angeles to try his hand at acting.

2. He played college football and has a Rose Bowl ring to prove it.
In an interview with Conan, McHale briefly lamented that he didn’t play the sport well, but joked that he “made a lot of guys look really good” whenever he’d get tackled. Regardless of whether he’s being modest about his football skills, the truth of the matter is, McHale did earn a Rose Bowl ring for his efforts, which is pretty cool in our book!

3. He got his start as part of a comedy sketch group.
McHale may be a seasoned comedian and actor these days, but everyone’s got to start somewhere. For McHale, his start came when he was cast as part of a local sketch-comedy television show called Almost Live!. The show, which was produced by Seattle’s KING-TV, boasts a couple of other famous alums, including Nebraska screenwriter Bob Nelson, Daily Show correspondent Lauren Weedman, and Bill Nye.

4. He’s had to fight to play more dramatic roles.
McHale may be known for his comedy, but as a trained actor, he’s also interested in showing the world what he can do with a good dramatic role. It’s been tough trying to convince casting directors to give him a shot, however, as he explained in an interview with Metro Weekly back in 2015. It’s clear the fight has paid off, however, especially when it comes to McHale’s role in the 2014 thriller, Deliver Us From Evil.

“It took a lot of convincing to let me play a cop that beats people up in Deliver Us From Evil. The [executives were] like, ‘The Soup guy? No, we don’t think so.’ I was like, ‘I can totally do this. Let me do it.’”

5. He lied about his height to score one of his first acting gigs in Los Angeles.
Before McHale shot to the top, one of the first acting gigs he got after moving out to Los Angeles was a small part on Will & Grace. Even so, McHale had to tell a little white lie to get the part. In an interview with Variety, McHale revealed that the thing he lied about was actually his height!

“They were looking for actors over 6’7” and I lied. I’m 6’4” and I wore high-heeled boots,” revealed McHale. “I got the part.”

6. He’s a seasoned host.
People’s Choice Awards 2017 won’t be McHale’s first rodeo. In fact, the comedian and actor has tons of hosting experience under his belt! In the past, McHale has served as a host for the 2011 Independent Spirit Awards as well as the 2015 ESPY Awards. He’s also done a bit of daytime talk show hosting alongside Kelly Ripa who tapped him to guest co-host Live! with Kelly in 2016.

Tune in to watch Joel McHale host People’s Choice Awards 2017 on Wednesday, January 18 at 9 p.m. ET (delayed PT) on CBS!

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