UK police have arrested six people in a vicious attack on a teenage asylum-seeker in the London borough of Croydon. Authorities are questioning four men and two women, all in their 20s, on charges of attempted murder in the attack that left a 17-year old Kurdish-Iranian hospitalized with a fractured skull and a blood clot on his brain. Police say eight youths approached the teen at a bus stop Friday night. Upon learning he was an asylum-seeker, they chased him through the streets and beat him. The attack only stopped after bystanders intervened and police sirens could be heard. Police are treating the attack as a hate crime.


Lefties have been screaming racist since this happened, one black MP blaming the rightwing government encouraging these evil Nazi whites, blaming Brexit for an increase in ‘hate crimes’. Here are the attackers:

HERE THEY ARE HERE Oh, they’re black

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