16-Year-Old Nebraska Mother Kills Her Newborn by Throwing it Out of a Window!

A 16-year-old Nebraska mother has confessed to killing her newborn daughter by throwing her out of a second-floor window.

Antonia Lopez gave birth without anyone knowing on September 30, 2016. She then threw her out of the window before taking to Facebook to try and get a ride and help to dispose of the body.

About two months premature, the tiny child measured 14 inches long and weighed only two pounds.

She had bleeding around her skull, brain, spine and abdomen and was pronounced dead.

Lopez initially denied knowing she was pregnant, but messages on her Snapchat showed different, and she’d kept it hidden for months.

She was charged as an adult originally, but entered a plea of admission after her case was moved to the juvenile court.

She would have been facing 20 years to life if convicted as an adult. She was ordered to continue school and undergo both medical and psychiatric care while staying in foster care.

She’s likely to be put on probation or sent to a group home or juvenile detention facility until she turns 19.

She started pushing the baby out onto a towel that she’d laid on the ground, before piercing the amniotic sac with a pair of nail clippers.

She then panicked and threw her new child out of the window. Her mother called 911 after she found the baby in the grass. The little girl was pronounced dead by the time she was taken to the hospital.

A pathologist told cops that the baby was alive when she’d been tossed, but Lopez told her boyfriend that she’d had a miscarriage.

She posted to Facebook just over a half-hour before paramedics were dispatched to her home.

When a friend replied, she asked for help disposing of the baby’s body, and asked for trashbags and a car.


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