12-Year-Old Wisconsin Girl Suspended for Selling Sex Toys – Only They Weren’t Sex Toys

The principal at Wisconsin’s Trinity Lutheran School suspended a 12-year-old female student for selling sex toys to other kids. It turns out, however, that they were just “water snake wigglies”.

Frances Halbeck was sent home for three days when administrative staff learned about her sale for a charity dedicated to helping autistic kids.

The girl had received permission from her homeroom teacher to sell the toys in between class. Those toys were nothing more than bags filled with water.

Pamela Amling, the principal, didn’t see it as so innocent and suspended Frances.

The girl claims she was pulled out of a basketball game by the principal herself and scorned in front of her peers.

When she went home and told her father, Milt Halbeck, what had transpired, he was none too happy.

Even more surprisingly, the school board met to discuss the issue and sided with the principal.

Mr. Halbeck is trying to generate public support and says he won’t rest until his daughter’s suspension is cleared from her record.


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